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Tibetaans Streetfood

Topped with coriander and served with sweet & sour sauce and chili sauce

Veggie noodles

noodles fried with a wide variety of crispy fresh vegetables (veggie & vegan)

Wok chicken

veggie noodles with chicken in a Tibetan curry of cocomilk and tomato

Crazy mix

A bit of everything!

Thai Streetfood

Topped with crispy ognion, crushed peanut, coriander, and served with sweet & sour sauce and chili sauce

Fried rice (veggie)

Pad thai (veggie)

Thai green curry

rice with chicken in a sensational Thai green curry


Topped with gori (sea weed), gari (ginger) and wasabi (spicy)


12 pieces of

  • Futo Maki: thick sushi roll
  • Maguro: tuna roll
  • Tobiko: green and red fish eggs
  • Tempura roll
  • Nigiri: krab
  • Sashimi

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