DAKANT (2017)

DAKANT, short for “Daklozenhulp Antwerpen vzw”, is a Belgian non-profit organization that offers help to less fortunate and homeless people from Antwerp and surroundings. People who live at the poverty line or below, for any reason, and have as a consequence insufficient resources to provide themselves with food.

Every week on Sunday DAKANT offers a quality lunch package consisting of a base of vegetables, fruit, bread and a topping of meat and/or cheese, miscellaneous items depending on the availability, combined with fresh coffee, chocolate milk and soup. The average market value of such a meal package is approximately € 40. This means an average monthly savings for every person of 160€. DAKANT distributes between 250 and 400 packages per week, during the winter season.

Hunger and / or social isolation can have a devastating effect on people who are already struggling. DAKANT offers to help these people with basic means, to motivate them to move towards the next step. Everyone, regardless of age, background and belief, is welcome at the food distribution of DAKANT. An identity card or the exact socio-economic situation, are not asked for. The only group favored during the distribution is the group of disabled people.

The Himalaya Club provided a fully-equipped kitchen to DAKANT, in which the different items for the weekly food distribution can be easily prepared.