Namaste Children Nepal (2017)

Namaste Children Nepal is a non-governmental orphanage, founded by Tej. B. Khadka in Kathmandu, Nepal, in 2005, for the welfare of homeless and parentless children in Nepal. The major objective of this non-governmental organisation is to provide proper shelter, quality education and health care to the children. It aims at giving privilege to those children who were left behind by their parents. This private organization ensures that no child is deprived of the rights and the life s/he should be granted with.

Nepal is a small but very beautiful country in south Asia, on top of the Himalaya mountains, with rich natural scenery and cultural variety. However, the country is constantly a victim of natural disasters and the life of the Nepalese inhabitants suffers from this constant threat. In the recent past, a political and civil war killed hundreds of people, and children ended up as orphans. The lack of political stability and protective laws has made thousands of children suffer from insufficient safe accommodation, nutritious food and quality education.

Namaste Children Nepal has been working in the sector of child welfare since its establishment. The organization has its own residence in Kathmandu where the children stay. They take full responsibility of the children and provide the necessary care. Namaste Children Nepal is providing proper health care and education to the children. Twenty-six children are staying at the home at present. There is regular coordination with the Children Welfare Committee, a governmental institution for the welfare of children. These children are either orphans, left behind by their parents, from a poor family, victims of natural disasters, crime or abuse. They are proposed to Namaste Children Nepal by social organizations, local governments, police or social welfare institutions. The organization runs on donations from individuals and public or private organizations. Any sort of donation is always welcome. The organization aims to expand its activities and projects, by establishing primary schools, libraries, study centers, health care units and birth centers.

The Himalaya Club has decided to provide a donation to Namaste Children Nepal to assist the organization in its mission of providing a good future to the children in Nepal.