Tenzin Tsewang & Tenzin Nyima (2018)

In many developing countries, poverty is a very big issue and most of the time, it directly affects children. Many children are deprived from the most basic rights such as going to school, and even if some children who are able to go to school in the first place, they have to discontinue because of the poor financial home situation. Children are the future of any country and if they are given an opportunity to proper education and privileges, they can grow up to become the ones that can develop their nation.

The Himalaya Club supports the less fortunate inhabitants of the Himalayan region by mostly helping them with medical issues. This time, it has been decided that we will support the education of two very talented and deserving boys from Bhutan, Tenzin Tsewang and Tenzin Nyima. A short description about them and their situation will further describe why our support would mean a lot to them.

Tenzin Tsewang

Tsewang is from Thimphu and he is currently pursuing his studies in ninth grade at Yangchenphug Higher Secondary School in Thimphu (see cover photo). He is very intelligent, talented and is much capable of acquiring a bright future. However, his family is facing financial problems support him with his future studies. Tenzin has a younger brother and sister, both are currently studying in eighth grade. Their parents got separated, hence all three children live with, and are looked after by, their mother. She sells Tibetan cookies for a living, from which she cannot earn a big amount of money. Looking after three children single handedly is not an easy job with such a low income. She has been working very hard to provide her children with every facility and education. She says; “I am uneducated but I will educate my children to my best ability”.

As of Tsewang, he is a very bright kid and has a great future ahead if he will be able to complete his study. But looking at his mother working so hard for him and his siblings, he plans to drop out of school and give a hand to his mother’s work. However, his mother disagrees with his choice and tells him that he should study until he gets a decent job. She has a very bold behavior and strong determination, her only wish is to educate all her children.

Tenzin Nyima

Nyima was born in Thimphu and is thirteen years old. Currently he studies in the seventh grade in a government school in Thimphu. The school where he studies is administrated by the Tibetan Government, and provides education to those students who come from a poor family background. Nyima also belongs to a poor family. His parents don’t have regular jobs and incomes and earn very low wages, due to which the standard of their living is not very good. Nyima has an elder sister who is two years older than he is. She is currently studying in tenth grade and she recently took the CBSE board examination. Her parents are looking forward to the exam results.

The school provides certain facilities to the students such as free hostel, food and other necessary school accessories. Even though the school provides most of the necessities for Nyima and his sister, his parents still come across shortages of money for both kids. They are trying by every possible means to provide the necessary facilities to their children. Both parents think that achieving good education is very important in life and that is why they are working very hard in order to support their children to complete their studies.

Both of the boys are very talented and deserve to receive good education so they can be successful in life and take good care for their parents in the future. A little support from The Himalaya Club will prove to be a great help for these boys in Bhutan and therefore we hope that they can continue with their studies and achieve great success in their lives.