Tshering Penjore (2018)

Penjore was born on June 3rd 2008 in the village of Khasadrapchu, Bhutan, and is now 9 years. Tshering has one brother and one sister, and is the second child. His father is a driver for a tourist company in Bhutan. His mother is a housewife, and takes care of Tshering and his brother and sister. The family has to live from a small income and is very poor. Tshering is in class 2 at this moment, and goes to the public school in Khasadrapchu. We met Tshering through informal contacts.

When Tshering was only 4 years old, he got involved in a car accident. As a consequence, sadly, his leg had to be amputated up until his hip. He has a prosthetic leg to help him to walk and go to school, but it is heavy and very uncomfortable, since he is even not able to bend his knee in this prosthetic leg. Tshering is very unhappy with his situation, because his prosthetic leg does not allow him to walk properly. It is a challenge to go to school and walk around the roads of Bhutan. Even going to the toilet is difficult.

End of September 2017 we presented Tshering’s case to the Protheses Foundation in Chiang Mai, Thailand, founded by H.R.H. The Princess Mother Srinagarindra of Thailand. The Prostheses Foundation provide state-of-the-art artificial legs to amputees independent of nationality, race, or religion. We are happy to announce that his case was approved. Tshering will be travelling to Thailand beginning of June 2018 to receive a new light weight prosthetic, which will also allow him to bend his knee again. A new light weight prosthetic leg will be significantly more comfortable for Tshering and will allow him to lead a normal daily life, and be a happy kid again.

The Himalaya Club has organized this project, and will finance the transportation, care and all other means needed, to give Tshering a new and better life.