The Himalayan Club offers Tibetan dishes at events


Tashi delek!

We are The Himalaya Club, and we are about to take you on a flavoury journey to the mountains peaks of the far away Tibet, the Buddhist origin of our spiritual leader Dalai Lama. Let us offer you a combination of authentic Tibetan recipes, passed along since many generations. Get surprised by our Tibetan chefs, turning tasty noodles, crispy fresh vegetables and nearly-live meat into the swirling sensations of our Tibetan street food. Cooked and baked with surprising ease, lots of love and a touch of magic. We’ll get you completely Zen!

Colors, scents and spices

Bring your family, friends, and guests on our tasteful trip to the mountain peaks of Tibet. Surprise them with our famous vegetarian spring rolls, samosas, crispy crab or shabalay. Taste our delicious veggie noodles, you’ll get shocked that veggie could be so tasty! Try the spectacular curry in our wok chicken… or for those who really can not choose, the crazy mix! Our delicious dishes come at a fair price, and are packed with flavor. We’re convinced that you’ll adore our Tibetan delight. Because cooking is at the heart of street food!

Discover our delicious street food

Every summer we travel through Belgium and the Netherlands with our beautifully decorated booths and a colorful food truck… from food truck festivals across Les Ardentes to Couleur Café and Rock Werchter. Without a doubt we will be near you soon. Come and try our Tibetan street food, and take a moment while we tell you about our projects for the good cause.

See you soon!


Our strengths

  • Delicious and original dishes
  • Superbly fresh
  • Vegetarian options
  • Modest prices
  • Ecological packing
  • Experienced crew
  • We support the good cause



  • Spring rolls
  • Samosa
  • Shabalay
  • Crispy crab
  • Veggie noodles
  • Wok chicken: noodles with crispy fresh vegetables and chicken in a Tibetan curry
  • Crazy mix: a bit of everything!

Get to know us!

Don’t hesitate to contact us!

+32 (0) 474 63 17 10

Kesseldallaan 12 bus 302
B-3010 Leuven (Belgium)